BS West

94% love it
Longtime LGBTQ hangout
This inclusive bar and nightclub has been in the middle of Old Town since 1988. serving the LGBTQ community. Keep an eye on their website as they have events regularly and are known for the Scandal circuit party.


    • Heather pours the best drinks...
      You don't gotta lie to kick it... Heather, hands down pours the best drinks... I'd love to see this place open up elsewhere and just expand its walls... It has great ideas, just an overcrowded selection. The real problem is no one visits BSwest any other night than Wed, and Saturday. I think this place would have a better reputation on nights that people can barely move... It's one thing if theirs extremely attractive people that you're bumping up against... It's another...If... You ge thte picture.

    • Jayjo
      Jayjo 11 months ago
      Loves it

      They need to get back on track.
      Went last Saturday night, it was dead. No cover but also no people. Wednesday is 2x1 but still no people. Sundays Karaoke is my fav. You get to sing a few times because there are very few people. It used to be lots of fun a few years back but now it’s pretty boring most of the time.

    • Alfredrussell
      Alfredrussell Over a year ago
      Loves it

      To be honest I do hook up for being an amateur pornstar. I'm willing to meet you in person and see where it leads. You just have to sign up and vote me on my profile page. Is that alright?

    • This Bar Sucks! Don't waist your time or money here!
      The bar is dirty and rundown. Management sucks and owners are non-responsive to customers complaints. The bar staff are rude to customers and not friendly. Do not waist your time or money at this bar, their are plenty of friendly gay bars in Phoenix with way better music, dancers, and staff. This bar Sucks! I will never go back and would not ever recommend it to anyone.

    • chrisinotown
      chrisinotown Over a year ago
      Hates it

      One too many chances
      You know what, this place has a potential to be a cool place. The only gay bar in Scottsdale. BUT, they do their best to rip you off. One day your Jack and coke is 7.50$, another day it is 11$ Very inconsistent. Their is only one good bartender, the sporty looking girl. the rest, have no clue and are very slow. Had to argue with a bartender about the price. I ordered a Jack and coke tall. Bartending 101, tall means more mixer, NOT A DOUBLE. Idiot. If you go, stick to bottle beer and watch your tab. Plus, they will not give you a happy hour ticket unless you ask, only for the regulars.... Very shady place. Needs new management and more seasoned bartenders. The drag shows and strip nights are really good though. Good music too. Good parking as well.

    • sanchez_raul89
      sanchez_raul89 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My favorite place!!!

    • caliguyinslc
      caliguyinslc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good drink specials
      Cover charge is a bit much on the weekends, but during the week the drink specials are great.

    • VicR
      VicR Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Scottsdale bar
      I expected more. It's 1/3 men, 1/3 lesbian, and 1/3 curious straight groups. Pretty small, and low-key in comparison to the website images.

    • SoaringShark
      SoaringShark Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Just another supercilious gay dive
      $25 cover and $7 well drinks... Paid $100 and left sober and bored. Last event I attend at BS Express. I imagine its good if you wanna chill on a regular weekend. Period.

    • NX2REIGN
      NX2REIGN Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great time
      Place has great drink specials and the times I've been there have been wall to wall people dancing having fun, even on weekdays.

    • Xavier0381
      Xavier0381 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Pre Thanksgiving Joy!!!
      Pre Thanksgiving Joy!!!

    • CorruptAngel
      CorruptAngel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Times at BS West
      BS West isScottsdale's popular dance/video bar with great drink specials. This bar packs them in with regular events including Wednesdays and Saturday for 2-4-1 specials and a daily happy hour.

    • ygorman
      ygorman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I LOVE BS WEST! Everytime I go there its always GREAT and I always have fun. The bartenders are wonderful and kind. Very Helpful.

    • asnphx
      asnphx Over a year ago
      Hates it

      It's OK
      Went there last night, they had kind of show and it was packed. Most customers were female and only drink water. Two bartenders, one was friendly, one was not. It's the closest gay bar to my house, so I'll still go once in a while.

    • bigham
      bigham Over a year ago
      Loves it

      SO fun, but watch your phone
      After so many years of visiting & living in Phoenix, I finally went to BS West two Saturdays ago. (I'm not sure why this listing is BS - even their website & signs in the club say BS West.) It has a very energetic vibe. The music was great, and lots of cute guys. Plus, the podium dancers in their skimpy undies were super yummy. I found people to be friendly. You can't expect everyone to want to talk to you, and I had no trouble getting drinks at the bar. My only problem on the night was that my phone disappeared. i don't think I dropped it, and I know I didn't lay it down. The pick pockets seemed active that night - the next day when I called, to see if by slim chance it had been handed in, the guy said I was at least the 3rd person who called for the same reason. SO, I will definitely be back - but my phone will be under lock & key.