Sauce Pizza & Wine

50% love it
Fresh and flavorful Italian
Sauce believes in one thing: "delicious food at a reasonable price" and they deliver. All of their items are made fresh daily with farm-fresh ingredients and in an Italian-American style. But they don't stop at great food. Sauce has a great selection of white and red wines and beers that compliment their food.
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    • empire1guy
      empire1guy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not so Sauce
      This is acceptable for some quick food, but service is lacking. The best dishes are the chicken ceaser pizza and the mac and cheese. The wine is passable, but it's not a place j would go for a glass of wine. Give it a try, but don't expect it to wow. It's all mass produced food and good for the type of place is, but it's not real or Italian in any way.