LA Fitness

90% love it
Everything you need
The LA Fitness on Camelback Rd has a gay following that makes this one of the best places for LGBTQ+ people to go to for workouts. With everything that LA fitness has to offer, it's a solid choice for any type of workout.


    • Jeffeywol
      Jeffeywol Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Outdated and old gym
      Despite that this gym has earned a reputation for being the "gay" gym for LA Fit, I have found myself using it less and less. The equipment seems outdated and old. There is always a few machines out of order. The carpet is dirty and ratty looking especially near the locker rooms. The gym is showing it's age. Compared to other L.A Fitness locations this seems like a smaller gym, but it's always packed. I avoid going there especially on Mon and Tues. There is a vacant storefront anchor next door (formely Linen's N Things) and the parking lot in front of empty store front is always packed with LA Fit patrons. I understand this gym is closing as soon at the 7th Ave/Cameback gym opens. I am sure the new Camelback location will be more convienient location near the Melrose "gay" district. The new location on 7th Ave/Camelback was formely a Target store. Now all the gays will able work out at the gym, then go across the street to Charlies for drinks (lol!!)

    • texbearjoe
      texbearjoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dynamic Tension
      This is one of the best equipped gyms I've been to, I literally can't find a single piece of equipment that it lacks. Huge sprawling but comfortable layout, easy to safely navigate, and vast variety of facilities - from basketball to racquetball swimming and more. Locker rooms require padlocks, to get to restroom you must walk through wet area. The changing area has hateful carpet - just love walking barefoot over wet carpet. What's peculiar about this gym - been there several times at different times of day, is that it is about the least cheerful gym I've ever been to. Nobody seems to be enjoying their workout, and the cruising is tense, to say the least. The gym has a few hot men, but also a vast army of late-teenage and early-20's gymrats that cluster in 3's and 4's around equipment and flail at pumping iron unconvincingly, or even drop/throw weights to make butch noises. There are even occasional heroin-thin tattoed gothboys juxtaposed with major Chollo style homeys. I'd have to say it's visually interesting, if not particularly inspiring.

    • maynard
      maynard Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Probably the gayest gym in town
      Probably half the male patrons are gay here, although they may not look like it at first. This gym has every piece of equipment you could want, and some nice-looking guys fill the place. Leaving your shower curtain ajar in the showers will get you some attention for sure.