Gay Skate AZ: White Out Winter Skate Party


Calling all allies, bears, bisexuals, bottoms, butch, drag stars, fairy godmothers, fag hags, femmes, friends of Dorothy, fruit flies, gays, homos, leatherboys, lesbians, queens, queers, studs, tops, trannys, twinks, and any blessed soul we left out.

Gather your friends in the gayborhood,
come out of the closet
skate the rainbow
at Great Skate
on Thursday, January 17th
from 8-11pm
as we celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

(Not to mention a few Bdays ... hint hint ...
DJ Tsunami, Carlton Thompson, & Jeffrey Adams)
Only $10 including skates.

Wear white
bring a non-perishable food item
to benefit Joshua Tree Feeding Program.
( You save a buck off admission if you do ! )

If gays didn't invent rollerskating we don't know who did.
We're willing to bet our rainbow-striped skate laces
there's going to be some bumping music at the roller rink
with DJ Tsunami at the controls !!

There's always plenty of hugs and smiles to share.
From roller-skating newbies to seasoned middle-aged pros,
this is an ALL AGES event for all types of people !

Luckily, this is a private party where you might see wigs, pumps, booty shorts, muscle boys, and a few drag queens somewhere in between. All that fun, plus, the organizers are looking to help LGBT non-profts in the Phoenix area with a simple fundraiser. The event also provides a great way for groups to get the word out about what they are doing. Similarly awesome events have been done all over in places like Portland, OR, Redwood City, CA, Brisbane, Australia, Fort Lauterdale, FL, and Detroit, MI to name a few !

Since our premiere event April 2011,
we have been producing epic skating parties
for the LGBT community,
we couldnt do it without YOU
as we are now in our 3rd year, and still going strong !!

Every event is a benefit & previous non-profit LGBT groups like GLUAD, 1 Voice Community Center, H.E.R.O,
Phx Pride Scholarship Program, 1n10 Drop In Center, GLSEN, Joshua Tree, & many others to come, have been featured.

Gay Skate is a Roller Skating Session hosted primarily, but not exclusively, for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Communities benefiting GLBT charities.

We have tables throughout the lobby & benches along the side wall. There are video games along the side wall for those that don't wish to skate or just want something to do while taking a break. In addition, the snack-bar is open for the sale of pizza, hot dogs, candy, chips, ice cream, various soft-drinks and bottled water.

Check us out on the web at and for pics of our previous events go to


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