Gay Skate AZ Winter White Party (GROUP)

Who says you can only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day? It's time to bring out the white apparel for our first Gay Skate AZ event for 2018! With special guest hostess, birthday girl Mia Inez Adams!

Our beneficiary for the skate is: #MORETHANBARS
Their mission is to develop and sustain a holistic lifestyle for our communities by providing activities, programs and services that create community, connection, and balance; develop partnerships with organizations to foster welcoming and supportive cultures; empower community members; and embrace, promote and support our cultural diversity.
Facebook group: MoreThanBars

THIS IS AN ALL AGES EVENT: Admission is ONLY $10 which includes 3 hours of roller skating and skate rental (even roller blades) and REQUIRED wrist guards.

There are video games along the side wall for those that don't wish to skate or just want something to do while taking a break. Plenty of seating room!

In addition, the snack-bar is open for the sale of pizza, hot dogs, candy, chips, ice cream, various soft-drinks and bottled water.
  • Great Skate Glendale
    10054 N 43rd Avenue, Glendale
  • Thursday Jan 25
  • Event on Facebook


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