Born This Way Ball Tour: Lady Gaga Tickets & B-day Party!


***If you want to come please click on and buy your ticket NOW! LIMITED TICKETS!***

What better way to celebrate the Birthday's of Chris Smith, Holly Dixon, Christina Lockwood & Michael Karcher then going to a Lady Gaga concert with standing room Floor tickets!

Secure your ticket now! $150 is what I paid for the tickets and extending the same price to you! (not making any money on them)

Limited tickets! Only 9 left with our group! (see for updated availability)

When and where are we meeting?!

Will be meeting at 530pm at Kobalt Gay Bar at 3110 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 and at 6pm walk over to the light rail to take it to US Airways Center.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me.


Kevin J Smith


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